Instructions for Screen Stream Mirroring StartUSB

This little program is made only to allow Screen Stream Mirroring to communicate with your computer through USB.

1. From your computer download our USB tool.
Choose the archive corresponding to the operating system of your computer (Windows, Linux, or MacOSX) and UNZIP entire content.

2. Go to Screen Stream Mirroring streaming preferences and enable 'Stream through USB (option B)'.
This will set the app to stream to USB once it is plugged to your computer.

3. From your computer run startUSB.
How to run startUSB from computer ?

  • For Windows users, you might need to run it as Administrator (right click -> run as Administrator).
  • For Mac users, if you don't know how to run the program you can: right click on file 'startUSB' -> Open With -> Other -> Select 'Enable All Applications' -> Utilities ->

If everything is fine you should now be able to see mirroring through USB when using the given url (it should give you "localhost" streaming url).
If you have an error please just follow instructions given by the program. If you are using Windows you are probably just missing proper ADB drivers.

Method 1: Use the "USB debugging option" menu/shortcut from the application, find and enable USB debugging option.

Method 2: On devices running Android 4.0 and newer, you can find the option under Settings > Developer options.
Note: On Android 4.2 and newer, Developer options is hidden by default. To make it available, go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number seven times.
Return to the previous screen to find Developer options, find and enable USB debugging option.

1. Check that you authorized your computer if a confirmation dialog appeared on your Android device.

2. For Windows, check you have proper Windows ADB drivers.
To easily and automatically install ADB drivers:
-> Download and run AdbDriverInstaller.
To manually install ADB drivers:
-> Follow detailed instructions here.